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Today (Dec. 6, 2017) on The Human Side

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Our guest today on the Human Side is Ronald Allen, who is both the founder of his own consulting company, Managing Change, as well as the producer and host of his own internet radio program on InternetBlogTalkRadio devoted to the same topic. Originally from Britian, Ron will share the story of how he ended up coming here to the US. He is certified in IT Project Management by the New Jersey Institute of Technology as well as holding a number of other certificates from the Training Associates and the Radio Advertising Bureau. The combination of his background in Project Management and Change Management and his experience in these two disciplines gives him a unique perspective on a variety of business issues facing companies today.
Please listen to our program today, Weds., Dec. 6, which airs on Hunterdon Chamber Internet Radio from 4 to 5 pm at:

If you’re unable to join us at 4 pm, you can listen to the podcast of today’s show at your own convenience by going to the following link and look for today’s date under The Human Side in the archives tab.

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