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“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of

thinking we were using when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Like a three-legged stool (the minimum number required for stability), our approach to performance consulting has three interrelated components.

Joint Problem Solving

This is critical to our approach because, no matter what the assignment, we will not be able to complete it by ourselves.

Systems Analysis

This second component to our performance consulting approach involves looking at your organization as an open system.

Guiding Principles

These are the  commitments we have made to ourselves to help guide us in doing our work.

Joint Problem Solving

This is critical to our approach because,no matter what the project, we will not be able to complete it successfully by ourselves.  We will need your active involvement in analyzing the issues, designing effective solutions, and implementing those solution.  Ultimately, you are going to have to live with the results … so you will need to take ownership of the solution.

As consultants, we have a unique set of knowledge, skills and tools, as well as the benefit of a certain distance from your organization that enhances our objectivity.  Combining these with your experience and working together to look at the issues from our different perspectives will enable us to create alternatives that neither of us would have generated on our own.


Systems Analysis

This second component of our consulting approach involves looking at your organization as an open system.  This  unique perspective looks at how the different parts of your company interact with each other to determine its overall effectiveness in responding to your environment (competitive, market, political, labor, etc.), and meeting its objectives.  It also gives us a unique way of looking at “cause and effect” when helping you to analyze the challenges and opportunities facing your business.





Guiding Principles

These are the commitments our firm makes to itself to help guide us in conducting  our business.  They are not intended as a “public relations vehicle.”  We are sharing them with you only because, if we fall short in adhering to these principles, we want you to able to bring that to our attention.  

Principle #1:  We will keep what we think is best for our client’s business (in terms of its continued survival) uppermost in our minds.  This means that we will need to be objective as possible, as well as being able to explain our thinking to you as clearly as possible, particularly when we disagree on the best course of action.

Principle #2:  We will always level with our clients.  If we don’t know or are not sure about something … we will tell you that, too.  We will also inform you if you ask us to do something outside of our area of expertise.

Principle #3:  We will not do things that may be asked of us if we consider them to be unethical.  It’s the exception, but at times it can occur.  We were once asked to misrepresent ourselves to gather data a client wanted; we politely declined.