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Change Is Not A Dirty Word – Part 3 of 3

Posted by David Wight in Business Management, Leadership, Organizational Change | 0 comments

In Parts 1 & 2, I explored why the word “change” tends to have a negative emotional connotation and I introduced a systems perspective as a way of looking at resistance to change. 

Energy and Perseverance

Organizational change is all about positive energy and finding a new internal balance that enables companies to function more effectively.  This requires leaders to create and sustain a critical mass of energy to outlast the system’s natural defensive reaction to the perceived threat to its current dysfunctional balance.  Most leaders don’t understand this, and they’re not prepared for the frustration they experience. The harder they push, the harder the organization pushes back, resulting in the expenditure of a tremendous amount of energy with little movement. And since followers far outnumber leaders, they have a lot more energy. (read more)

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