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Change Is Not A Dirty Word – Part 2 of 3

Posted by David Wight in Uncategorized | 0 comments

In Part 1, I explored why the word “change” has more of a negative than a positive emotional connotation for most people, and the emotional nature of resistance to change. I finished with the question of how we could alter that connotation and at the same time make our change efforts more successful.

Family Therapy & Organizational Change

Few organizations undertake an effort to change themselves in a significant way unless there is something seriously wrong. The reality is that human systems are able to change most significantly when they are in crisis. Somewhere there has to be some very real pain before the system as a whole decides “We can’t continue to go on this way.”

When families first start therapy, invariably there is a presenting problem that drives them to seek help. In many cases, family members point at one member and say, “Fix him (or her).” Of course the therapist knows that whatever is going on with that particular family member, while very real, is only a symptom of larger family system dynamics. (read more)

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