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Welcome to Performance Leadership Systems

As performance consultants, our job is to help your company get to where you want it to be and for that to happen you’re going to need a competitive advantage.  We help companies create that advantage through their people.  As the senior executive of a major corporation, a mid-sized company, or the owner of a family business  you may be focused on issues ranging from growth, to changing how you’re going to compete in a shifting marketplace, to determining your company’s next generation of products or leadership.  Do you have the talent you need for the future? Will your people be ready when that future arrives and will they be fully engaged so you’re getting the best of their skills and knowledge.  Your company’s success in reaching its desired destination is directly correlated to its ability to take hold of and create its own future.  Planning is no guarantee of success, but without a plan, it’s doubtful your business will get to where you want it to go.  It’s your choice.  Do you want to pass the reins of a growing and dynamic company over to the next generation of leadership?  If you’re the company owner, most family companies don’t make it to the third generation.  Do you want to create more of a legacy for future family generations?   However you define your destination for success, Performance Leadership Systems can help you get there!

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Business Planning & Change Leadership

By  going through a business planning process, you’ll determine how your company intends to compete and often that will require significant organizational change.  We’ll guide you through the creation and execution of your business plan as well as the design of the change process and its full implementation.


Talent Management & Engagement

Do you have the right people with the right skills and knowledge?  How about the future?  Do you know how your talent requirements are going to change? Where do you have talent gaps and what’s your strategy to eliminate them? What is your company’s core profession?  And what are you doing to make sure your key people are both retained and engaged?  We can help you answer all of these questions to make sure you have the talent you need now and to be sure that your people are ready for the future.


A New Approach to Performance Reviews

The traditional approach to Performance Reviews simply doesn’t work.  Our new approach eliminates the fundamental flaws in the process to help you get the best possible performance from your people without all of the negativity and emotional baggage associated with current processes.